Mecca Bingo First Aider Comes To The Rescue

It is a sad fact of life that heart attacks are ‘relatively common’ in bingo halls. So common in fact, that several bingo halls have had defibrillators fitted, and staff trained for their use.

The latest heart attack victim was Maria Carmichael 53, who suffered a heart attack in the Mecca Bingo hall on Container Way in Greenock. The emergency occurred just as the game was about to start, but luckily first aider and Mecca employee Lynn Boyle was on hand.

Lynne placed Maria in a comfortable position, and called the emergency services straightaway. As noted, this is a relatively common occurrence in bingo halls, and was not the first Lynne had seen.

Maria was admitted to Inverclyde Royal Hospital where they found her cholestorol was at a dangerous level. Since spending several days in hospital her test results have been positive, so it looks like she is on the mend.

The good news is that the scare has led Maria to invoke a change of lifestyle. She has since stopped smoking her 40 cigarettes a day and has converted to vapour eCigs. She has also shown a positive attitude towards exercise, positive attitude being a very important part of the recovery stage.

Well done Lynn Boyle, keep up the good work, every bingo hall could do with an employee like you! And the best of luck to Maria with keeping off the cigarettes. Original article.

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