6 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Bingo Experience

With the summer here, and some actual real hot weather in the UK, the inclination to log onto the computer and play online bingo definitely isn’t so strong. However, if you’re missing your bingo fun, you may have been tempted to try out mobile bingo for the first time. Most mainstream bingo sites now have a mobile offering, but if you’re new to it, you may be looking for some advice.

Thankfully it’s not complicated, just pick a mobile bingo site, log on and play. If you’re already signed up with a brand, just see if they have their own mobile brand and try it out. However, there are some things to consider, and hopefully we’ll cover some of them here.

Your device is everything

There are some real budget tablet devices and smartphones on the market now that the industry has become so mainstream, but you really do get what you pay for. For the best experience you want a device that has a good processor, mobile bingo sites are memory intensive and require a decent device to keep up.

Get connected

3G and even 4G connections are great, but if your Internet connection is dropping out often, you could have a problem and it leads to a frustrating experience. Using WiFi where possible is always recommended, but having a reliable-ish connection really is a must.

Shop around

Though it’s tempting to stick with a bingo brand you already know, sometimes mobile offerings can vary in quality with online sites. Just because a site is brilliant online, isn’t always a guarantee of the same quality for mobile and this works the other way too.

Sign up online

If you do find a mobile bingo site you really like, then sign up online if you can. Most mobile bingo offerings now allow mobile sign up, but it’s fiddly tapping away at a smartphone. On a more practical note, it’s hard to check the T&Cs from mobile, and very difficult to ascertain wagering requirements and such.

Sit in the shade

With this beautiful weather we’re having it’s tempted to have a few games in the sun, but as regular smartphone users will already be aware, unless you have a brilliant anti-glare screen you’re going to struggle to see the screen.

Turn off time out

Most phones have a timeout so if you put them down, they go into standby after a minute or two. Unless you’re engrossed in chat, your screen will time out, mid bingo game and it’s really frustrating.

We hope those tips are handy for you, and if you’re having a few games in the sun this summer we hope you’re lucky, whatever mobile brand you choose for your games!

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