Cricklewood Beacon Bingo Gets Huge Makeover

Cricklewood Beacon Bingo is the biggest bingo hall in the UK. One of the many bingo halls to have survived the closures of the past two decades, and reach the 2014 budget milestone it is now taking advantage of the tax reduction.

A lot of pundits were expecting the tax change to mean bigger prizes, but the cash injection from the reprieve from the treasury has not meant bigger jackpots, the money is being spent by most chains on either expansion or improvements to their existing venues.

Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood have just spent an impressive £500,000 on the first phase of their refurbishment. The first to be upgraded was the carpet, a whopping 50,000 square feet of it! The carpet is branded, which must have taken a sizeable chunk out of the half million. (Mind you, I’m never sure why some establishments that serve food have carpets, they must be a nightmare to clean).

1,254 new positions of Mechanized Cash Bingo have been added to the club. This may not be a first choice of improvement for some of the old regulars, but, the club, and the industry as a whole has to move with the times and technology if it wants to attract a new generation of bingo players. Amazingly the initial refurbishment took place over 5 weeks without causing any serious disruption to the bingo sessions.

Improvements will continue at the club, and at the rest of Beacon’s chain of bingo halls. It’s good to see that the club is doing well enough to invest and the money is not being merely used as a ‘bail out’. If you are a regular, or you have visited the club recently please let us know what you think of the improvements by leaving a comment below. Original article.

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