Tombola Bingo Top In Europe

When you think of the humble beginnings of the Tombola brand, printing bingo tickets for the Sun newspaper, it’s hard to believe how much the company has grown. Already one of the biggest bingo operators in the UK the brand took Tombola Bingo to Europe two years ago and now it’s been confirmed as the top bingo site for players in both Spain and Italy!

It’s 50 years since Tombola was established as a brand, but there was no Internet back then it was printed tickets for various companies. One of the brand’s biggest customers was Sun Bingo, who used to use the Tombola software before switching to Gamesys a few years ago. As Sun were the only brand to use the software it looked as though the company would be left high and dry, but they just used their own branding, relaunched the site and became one of the biggest operators in the UK!

Tombola has grown to be one of the biggest and most popular bingo sites on the net, and with a mobile offering too the brand really does have every corner of the market covered. It’s two years since the games were expanded to Europe, but they now command 40% of the market in Spain, more than double the nearest rival, while in Italy Tombola has swept local brands under the market to take a 50% share of players!

Unsurprisingly overall, this has meant a massive growth spurt for the brand who have seen their turnover increase 22% in the last year! We don’t find it hard to believe that Tombola is doing so well, with so many identikit bingo sites on the market, the bespoke and unique product from Tombola is certainly appealing!

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