Bingo Hypnotism Night

Bingo, and hypnotism? Sounds like a great night out! In fact, this will be the second time that Mecca Bingo in Catford will be hosting Adam Knight as the last appearance was obviously a success.

It sounds like a real night to look forward too, as Adam has been voted The Best UK Comedy Stage Hypnotist for 2014. Although the competition must be a bit slim, he’s obviously ahead of his game and is known for his entertainment value as well as his hypnotism skills.

There are only so many times that an audience can be enthralled by a willing victim unwillingly clucking around the stage like a chicken, so it will be interesting to hear what Adam gets his volunteers to do on the night.

When bingo halls put on entertainment, they can sometimes fall foul of legislation, one example being when a hall in Scotland broke their local councils rules by hosting as stripping event (men), that went the ‘full monty’, which was contrary to local guidelines.

However, guests on the night can be assured that Adam is fully insured, and has ‘trance cover’ which is a legal requirement by most local authorities (according to his website). Obviously Adam is a bit of a joker, although hopefully this insurance is real. Hypnotism is often a form of entertainment, however it is also serious business, and if days later you found yourself involuntarily clucking like a chicken after a bell is pinged in a hotel reception it would be nice to know that there is some process for recourse.

Adam Knight will be on stage from 9.30pm, it costs £10.00 to attend the event, and if you are not a bingo player already, you may want to have a game first, you never know you might like it (we do), and, you never know, you may win something!

“When I snap my fingers you will post all your bingo winnings to this address…” More info about Adam Knight at

As usual, if you do attend the event, please let us know how the night went by leaving a comment below.

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