Bingo Hollywood Changes For The Worse

Bingo Hollywood isn’t one of the brands online today that we visit very regularly; it doesn’t have enough about it to keep us going back if we are honest. However, a recent visit to double check a few details of the site through up some rather unpleasant issues that were either not in place when we reviewed that site or we simply missed. To say we were disappointed would be a bit of an understatement.

When we originally reviewed Bingo Hollywood at the point of redesigning Playing Bingo in May 2012, the minimum withdrawal from the brand was just £20 so long as you had deposited at least £30 into your account. The recent visit revealed that the site has a minimum withdrawal amount of a whopping £50, as bad as many Cozy Games sites!

Wagering requirements have also increased with the site, and are far less accessible than previously. It took us quite a while to find the reference. Where in May 2012 they were just 2x the amount of deposit + bonus before withdrawal to ensure your bonus funds were not lost, they are now 4x the amount of deposit + bonus!

We were aware that there were limited number of mainstream rooms available to unfunded players at Bingo Hollywood but what we didn’t know until our recent village, this site even blocks chat to those that have yet to fund their account! Additionally, only one of the rooms is open to unfunded players.

Where we were once quite impressed with this site, it’s now been added to the pile of ‘really not worth our time’, it’s on a par with Cozy Games sites and you all know how we feel about them!

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