Bingo Cops Call The Numbers

This isn’t the first time that the police have used bingo in an effort to publicise an initiative aimed at the the ‘elderly’, and hopefully it won’t be the last. Police in Walsall recently attended the The Golden 55’s Club to war people about conmen in the area.

They did better than just attend though, they actually called the numbers giving their own spin on the session, “Two little ducks” became “Two little crooks and “All the threes, 33” was “Check their IDs”. It’s a great way to get the message across to potential victims of ‘bottom feeding’ criminals, of which there are still apparently many in the area.

An initiative like this is probably a model that could be copied across the rest of the country as old people are vulnerable in all areas, and the exercise also strengthens relations between the police and the community. One of the biggest complaints is that they are not often seen outside of their cars, and the loss of the ‘local bobby’ is probably most lamented by the elder generation.

Prizes won included crime prevention items such as panic alarms, but the main message to the players was to be wary of unsolicited callers. This must be very difficult for older people to discern who are legit, and who aren’t as the amount of door knockers appears to be growing daily (a picture of a rottweiler on the door may be of help…).

The bingo industry may on the one hand be *face palming* as it is still trying to rid itself of bingo’s blue rinse image, but anything that involves bingo and helping people out is surely a good thing, and, it all ties in with the whole ‘bingo and community’ ethos.

Well done to the local PCSOs, we hope the message got across. Original article.

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