Bingo Players Are Getting Younger

Traditionally, bingo play has long been associated with the older generation, in fact the well-known and slightly derogatory term ‘blue rinse brigade’ has long been associated with those who love the numbers game. However, as anyone who visits bingo halls will know, these days that isn’t often the case and now one virtual bingo brand has released player details, declaring that almost half of their customers are now younger than 30 years old!

mFortune are leaders in the mobile bingo market with a brand designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. It’s not just mFortune Mobile, you can access the game from the desktop, but mobile play is definitely the onus of this popular brand.

Now, mFortune has released details of players, announced that 45% of all their active players are under the age of 30, showing the huge demographic change for the popular game. The mobile industry has been something of a transformation to the bingo world, attracting players in who never played before, much in the same way that online bingo did when it hit the market many years ago.

At mFortune, both in the chat rooms and across their social media platforms definitely aim for the younger player and we can see why those in their twenties find the games so appealing.

Some might say this could be another nail in the coffin for the land based industry, but actually latest figures show that players in the bingo halls are getting younger too and that many, once they’ve learned to play online, find bingo halls much less intimidating. This means that many players, from mFortune and other mobile and online brands are turning a fun night in, or on the mobile, into a fun night out checking out the local bingo hall.

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