Winner Bingo Launch Viral Style Ad

Winner Bingo have certainly been making a name for themselves of late with a fantastic free bonus offer at their online bingo site and now a brand new television advert. Lately there has been a trend for virals showing mad people singing, so maybe Winner are just following the trend and hoping this will get lots of shares!

Unlike traditional bingo ads, this one is fairly low budget we feel, but it’s funny and entertaining nonetheless with a real viral feel, that could see Winner Bingo shared around the social networking sites over the next few weeks.

The ad shows some people waiting at a bus stop, but one rather cuddly lady at the front is engrossed in her smartphone, a few seconds later she starts dancing all around the street, leaving the other bus queuers wondering if she’s lost her mind.

The ad pretty much goes on along this theme, and it is very funny. However, it’s funny in that ‘funny fat person dancing’ and ‘I’m going to hell for laughing’ kind of way, rather than the humorous kind of way. We do wonder if ladies of a certain size may find the ad a little offensive.

We’ve included the new Winner Bingo advert below, so you can watch it for yourself and decide. One thing is for sure, if being a winner makes you that happy, and that’s a true representation of a winner, then players will be flocking to the site in droves.

The ad also shows up something else interesting that we have been seeing of late, and that’s heavy onus on mobile bingo, with a smartphone featuring in the advert. The bingo industry is changing again and mobile bingo is beginning to feature more heavily than ever.

Here’s the ad, let us know what you think in the comments!:

2 thoughts on “Winner Bingo Launch Viral Style Ad

  1. Hi,
    I’m a “cuddly” lady & I LOVE the ad – she makes me laugh & I only wish I could move as good as her – MORE of this wonderful lady, I think she’s fab!

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