Predictable Advertising From OK! Bingo

The Cyberbingo Network closed a couple of years ago (April 2011 we believe) and with the closure came the loss of several brands including OK! Mag Bingo, Daily Express Bingo and Daily Star Bingo. The latter two brands have already relaunched but more recently we saw OK! Bingo reappear. With the new site comes a new marketing campaign but to say it is predictable would be an understatement!

We have always said that there seems to be three obligatory ingredients in many adverts for online bingo – women, a laptop and bingo balls. The OK! Bingo commercial features all three!

We haven’t yet caught the advert on television yet; we found it on You Tube. Our expectations were that the commercial would feature a celebrity of some kind, after all the OK! publication is all about celebrity gossip AND the Daily Express (Claire Sweeney) and Daily Star (Vinnie Jones) both had celebs fronting their campaigns.

We don’t believe the star of the OK! Bingo commercial is a celebrity or at least not a well-known one. Please let us know if you recognise her face!

The advert starts with a blonde sat in a dome seat with the OK! Bingo logo behind, she rotates and says “OK! Bingo is here!” before bingo balls (obligatory item number one) fly onto the screen and into a drum. The next screen shows two women (obligatory item number two) sat on sofa with their laptops (obligatory item number three) playing bingo. Incidentally, when was the last time you went to a friend’s house and sat on individual laptops playing bingo?

At this point we lost interest but the commercial doesn’t get any better, take a look for yourself:

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