Lucky Couple Use Bingo Win To Pay For Wedding

Getting hitched is expensive these days, with everything from the dress to the venue to pay for, it’s little wonder so many of us are living in sin. However, for one lucky couple who won £12,000 at the bingo, it’s a dream come true, and the cash will be used to pay for their dream wedding.

Luke Ferendon and Sue Garland met years ago and they’ve been engaged since 2004, they’ve had a daughter and live together as if married, but now thanks to this bingo win, they have set a date for their wedding!

Online bingo might be the game of choice for many, but this couple like to enjoy the traditional bingo hall experience and frequent their local Gala Bingo Hall in Grimsby. It was there they scooped the national bingo prize on the Xtra XL game, with their last £2 and boy are they glad they did!

They play regularly, and have never come close on the game at all, so Luke Ferendon said he could hardly believe his eyes as he crossed off the last number. He froze in shock, but thankfully his fiancé Sue called the house, scooping the couple the £12,000 top prize!

They couple have wanted to get married for a long time, but just haven’t been able to raise the cash to pay for it all. However, July 13th will be lucky for them, as this is the date they are getting wed, and they’ve even invited the manager of the local Gala Bingo hall to come along to the big day!

When the couple first won, they snuck away on holiday to Derby, but despite popping into the local Gala Bingo hall there, they weren’t lucky as a play from Grimsby, or should we call it Winsby also won on that evening too, though that was a more modest £4,000.

Congratulations to the lucky couple, we hope they enjoy a lifetime of happiness and bingo wins!

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