Gets A New Look is one of the most established online brands to date despite having undergone many changes over the years. Of course the success of the brand could be attributed to the domain and name, a statement we would certainly have agreed with previously as we have always found their site too complicated. This is no longer the case, visit today and everything is clearer.

One of the new features that we think works really well at is the ability to see which of the rooms are networked and which are open to just players who have registered with this brand.

Playing at any Virtue Fusion powered brand usually means that you are competing with hundreds of other players, accessing rooms exclusive to players means that the gaming experience is more ‘intimate’ and the odds of winning are increased by the reduced player numbers.

We visited at midday yesterday and there were three standalone rooms:

  • Diamond Daubers – 32 players
  • Lucky Break – 42 players
  • Studio 60 – 60 players

In the networked rooms at at the same time there were up to 450 players!

Out only critique would be that despite being named, the home page of the brand focuses on the casino side of things with little information about the bingo on offer. To see the bingo games and rooms, you have to click the tab ‘Bingo’ from the top navigation. Maybe the designer of the new home page felt that giving the dog a few balls would be enough?

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