Ukash / PayPoint Deal – What It Means For Bingo Players

When it comes to funding your online bingo account many sites offer you the opportunity to use Ukash as a payment option. Using Ukash means that you do not have to enter your financial details, simply enter a voucher code and the money is instantly available. Purchasing Ukash vouchers can be done at any shop that has a Paypoint or Payzone facility.

Changes are afoot this month for Ukash users though, and a change for the better. Previously when you had won using a Ukash voucher and withdrew your winnings you would be furnished with a new code that could be used to make other purchases, withdrawing to an ATM card that had to be applied for or you were sent a cheque. However, a recent deal with Paypoint means that you will soon be able to turn your codes back into cash in the same way as you turn cash into codes.

The deal will see customers able to withdraw cash from any of the 24,000 + locations in the UK by Paypoint. The payment solutions company is reported as ‘breaking new ground in offering new players a convenient and easy way to turn gaming winnings or spare Ukash back into cash’.

You can read the original article here.

Of the 350+ online bingo brands available, a large number accept Ukash as a payment option so the impending changes should make things quicker and easier for players who use this funding option.

Do you use Ukash? Will the ability to get your cash quickly in the not too distant future make you consider Ukash more favourably as a funding option?

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