Bad Week For Bingo

Some people say ‘no news is good news’ and if you take that to its logical conclusion, all news is bad news (except for the cat rescued from tree ‘feel good’ story at the end of the evening news which helps us sleep better after hearing about so much misery).

Well being in the world of news myself I know that not all news is bad news, however, this week has certainly been a bad news week for bingo so far. To-date, we have two bingo closures, and a fire.

First up is news of the closure of two Welsh bingo halls, although as yet we have not had confirmation of dates. The two clubs are Pembroke Dock Top Ten Bingo, Queen Street and Milford Haven Top Ten Bingo, Charles Street, both being owned by the same company, and both victims of a combination of the smoking ban and taxation among other factors. Full story.

Eastleigh Leo Leisure Bingo in Leigh Road suffered fire damage earlier today when a fireball exited the building at around 10 a.m. leading to evacuation of the surrounding retail outlets. To our knowledge no-one was hurt, and we’re not sure of the extent of the fire damage, but, lets hope that it doesn’t lead to the club being added to our Lost Halls section with the Welsh clubs. Full story.

It’s only Wednesday, so I’m hoping that we might actually get some good news in from the world of bingo, as I don’t think bingo can take any more bad news this week. Oh well, at least Lucky the cat has been rescued from that tree, and is now home, safe and sound, tucking into a saucer of milk in front of the fire.

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