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Today saw the launch of a new bingo site, Lucky Pants Bingo, and as we sat scratching our heads wondering where on earth the brand name came from, we realised that we could tie this in with a recent post by our esteemed leader (read it here). Just a couple of days ago David noticed that the new décor at Gone Bingo bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain part of a male’s anatomy.

After checking with colleagues, friends and family it appeared to be the general consensus that Gone Bingo should be renamed Gonad Bingo after the addition of testicular shaped lights dangling from the page. Do you see where we are going with this yet?

Could we soon see Gonad Bingo being placed in the Lucky Pants Bingo camp for comfort? Are the Lucky Pants ‘tighty whitey’ or more your boxers where said gonads have more freedom of movement? We know for certain that Bingo Hero wears his Lucky Pants on top of his trousers!

Does David even know what he has started with his recent observation? Are there anymore online bingo brands that can have pride of place in our Nether Regions Bingo list? A definite contender with a likely typo would have to be Wink Bingo – we’ll let you figure that one out for yourselves, and then there is the brand that has replaced Shipley’s – BJ’s Bingo, and it wouldn’t work without the Bingo Boudoir. A little Bingo Flirt would be required first though!

A look at our reviews listing page and we had to chuckle at the alphabetical listing for this new bingo site – Lucky Pants Bingo is just above Lucky Touch Bingo – coincidence maybe?

Booty Bingo is a definite must on the list and this could join Gonad Bingo in the Lucky Pants to create a full compliment of Nether Region Bingo!

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