Is Online Bingo Really Sexist?

As our readers will know we often take a look at the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to read up on opinion about all things bingo. A recent trawl through Twitter revealed a tweet that really got the cogs turning upstairs. The tweet came from David Hall and said “I take it online bingo providers don’t want male customers? The only males I’ve seen in the adverts is a fox and a bird @EverydaySexism”.

Is Mr Hall right in his observation? For the most part we have to agree, there are very few men appearing in commercials for online bingo on TV (Vic Reeves isn’t counted because although male, he dresses as a woman in the 888Ladies adverts).

Let’s take a look at some of the current adverts showing on the small screen:

Foxy Bingo

It’s obvious the mascot for this brand is a male of the species BUT he is a fox!

William Hill Bingo

As Mr Hall rightly pointed out, the gender of the person in the bird suit is male but nonetheless, he is dressed as a bird.


Vic Reeves is most certainly a man yet he chooses to dress as a woman to advertise 888Ladies.

Tombola Bingo

This is where Mr Hall’s observation fails because throughout all of the Tombola Bingo commercials for this brand, there are a fairly equal number of men and women that star in the adverts.

Whilst continuing to read the latest bingo tweets we also stumbled upon one that addresses the male/female balance in bingo commercials, cinder(ella) tweets “u will see rylan in bingo adverts lol” – could it be that the XFactor star is going to contribute to the number of males appearing in commercials for bingo products?

Is there a male celeb that you would like to see appear in a commercial for a bingo brand, if so who and why?

By: Nickie Shute

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