Bingo Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is now under two months away and you and I have something in common, bingo! This got me thinking whether you’re an offline or online player you might be interested in some of the ideas in this piece for Christmas presents for the avid bingo player. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be overly impressed with a personalised dabber, it would be pretty useless as I play predominantly online. However, some of the gifts I’ve found I wouldn’t mind receiving (if only my husband read my content!) and the others I have listed are just for fun.

There are t-shirts, ties, and much more available to buy online. I’ve included links to the relevant pages so that you can purchase them if you wish!

One of my favourite was a t-shirt that says “Before you give me shit for playing bingo, when was the last time your ass won $1,199”. Of course being English I would prefer the slogan to read “Before you give me shit for playing bingo, when was the last time your ARSE won £1,000!” – Excuse the bad language!

This t-shirt and many others were available from

The above site also sells a selection of bingo ties with some great designs. There are six pages to trawl through but the picture to the right shows my favourite. Prices range from £24.70 to £39.50. Bingo Balls Tie
Bingo Cufflinks If you’ve got a man in your life who also loves bingo then how about a set of bingo cufflinks from Amazon? These will only set you back £33.88.

A Foxy Bingo beanie bear! Now I’m lucky enough to have a couple of these little beauties, still in their packets but they don’t look anything like the current mascot for the brand! I did find a Foxy Bingo silver necklace for sale on eBay though. £15 with £4 postage and packing and this could be yours.

Here’s the listing Foxy Bingo Silver Necklace

Do you have any bingo Christmas gift ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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