Advertising Standards Agency Bingo Rulings

Each week we check the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) website to see if any of the recent online bingo adverts have come under scrutiny from this independent regulator and for the most part, bingo brands get off quite lightly with very few actually being complained about. However since 2008 there have been a total of 15 rulings on bingo adverts but for the most part there has only ever been one complainant!

Foxy Bingo have had their commercials scrutinised by the ASA twice, both times the complaint was not upheld, Tombola have come underfire twice too, but both of the complaints against this brand were upheld.

This got us thinking, who actually complains about a commercial or advert? Is it a case of sabotage by competitors rather than the public making the complaints that are received by the ASA. Whilst having an advert pulled by the ASA does have a negative impact on the brand in so far as the site then has to spend more money on creating a new advertising campaign, the positives are that sites like ours then write the ruling up as news and therefore offer more exposure for the brand.

Today one of the rulings was against Kerry Foods Ltd and their commercial for Richmond ham, a total of 371 complaints were received but look at the history of complaints received about bingo adverts and you will see that usually only one complaint is received.

Here is the current history of bingo complaints received by the ASA, the date, bingo site, number of complaints received, advertising complaint received about and the outcome:

Date Brand Complaints Media Outcome
28th May 2008 William Hill Bingo 7 Television Upheld
23rd July 2008 Foxy Bingo 1 Television Not Upheld
30th July 2008 Ladbrokes Bingo 1 Television Not Upheld
20th August 2008 Foxy Bingo 1 Own Site Not Upheld
20th August 2008 Wink Bingo 1 National Press Upheld
14th January 2009 Littlewoods Bingo 1 Television Not Upheld
25th March 2009 Tombola 1 Television Upheld
23rd September 2009 Posh Bingo 1 Television Not Upheld
17th March 2010 Tombola 2 Television Upheld
19th May 2010 888Ladies 1 Television Upheld
5th December 2010 Jackpot Joy 1 Email Upheld
9th March 2011 Sing Bingo 1 Own Site Upheld
20th June 2012 Fabulous Bingo 1 Television Upheld
11th July 2012 Gala Bingo 1 Email Upheld
22nd August 2012 Robin Hood Bingo 1 Television Not Upheld

In addition to the published rulings there have been a couple of Informally Resolved cases for bingo and the ASA but details of the complaints received are not avialable. Informally resolved cases are those where the company/organisation
agreed to amend or withdraw advertising without the need for a formal investigation.

With so many brands advertising their wares on television now, we are sure that there will be more complaints received by the ASA so keep an eye on our bingo news section for details.

2 thoughts on “Advertising Standards Agency Bingo Rulings

  1. I am sick to death,with not just one but all these adverts concerning bingo they are monopolising all the advertising slots and encouraging gambling.

    1. Hi Michael

      Do you feel the same way about the advertising of alcohol? That it encourages drinking?

      I think with the strict guidelines surrounding bingo advertising and the industry as a whole having a minimum age requirement of 18 to participate, as adults we can make our own minds up as to whether to partake in the gaming advertised.

      I can watch an advert featuring a meerkat or a singing man with a stupid moustache, yet not feel the need buy my insurance through either brand. Surely the same can be said of any commercial because the whole point is to encourage a viewer towards one brand over another if they are already using a similar product?

      I drink tea of a certain brand that is not advertised by a monkey and a rotund gentlemen, they are simply trying to make their tea appear better than the one I currently drink.


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