Most Annoying Bingo Adverts According To Twitter

Twitter (Follow Us @playingbingo) is fast becoming as popular as Facebook in the Social Media stakes and although not a prolific “Tweeter” myself, I do use it occasionally for research and a 140 character catch up with friends. One of the things that I had noticed recently was how many people were tweeting about online bingo adverts on TV, for the most part how annoying some of them are. This is where the inspiration for this article came from; I thought I’d take a look at what people consider, via their Tweets, the most annoying online bingo adverts.

The overall consensus today seems to be a toss up between Cheeky Bingo and Sun Bingo but is this simply because they air more than any of the others? For me personally, if I had to choose the two that irritate me the most, it would be Up Your Bingo and Nutty Bingo.

These are just a few comments taken from Twitter:

The sun bingo advert is so annoying!

I’d say the cheeky bingo advert annoys me more than the go compare ones

The woman from the sun bingo advert with all the balls on her head makes me angry!!!

Got that sun bingo advert song stuck in my head

So much hate for the sun bingo advert

I hate that cheeky bingo advert, makes me cringe!

Nutty Bingo advert is pure cancer

The Sun Bingo advert makes me want to tear my eyeballs out and feed them to a dog.

Why does that woman off the Cheeky Bingo advert, look like a crazed serial killer when she pulls her face?? Creepy!!

The ‘cheeky bingo’ advert is the worst ever! I literally want to drop kick anyone that repeats it.

I’m on a week’s holiday & watching a lot of TV. If I have to watch that sun bingo advert one more time I’m going to go mental!

My personal favourite is this one posted by user @jimboskinbo:

Man has dealt with many huge catastrophes through history but is now facing perhaps the biggest – having to put up with the Sun Bingo advert

To be honest there are hardly any positive comments about any of the bingo adverts although I did find one referencing the Bet365 commercials:

I also like the other bingo advert with the bingo heads. But I hate bingo

Whilst for Sun Bingo someone did Tweet:

Sun bingo advert is so catchy “sun bingo sun bingo”

It’s always been said that all publicity is good publicity and judging by the majority of the comments, each tweeter knowing the brand name for the advert that is annoying them, the marketing is doing it’s job of making the site names remembered! Which do you consider the most annoying online bingo advert showing on television at the moment and why?

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