Think Bingo Forum Now Closed

My first dalliance in the world of online bingo was at the Herotech (now Cashcade or site Think Bingo. I saw an advert on TV back in 2005 showing a £5 free offer and there I stayed as a player, loyal for about eighteen months. One of the things that made this brand better than the others was the Think Bingo forum, a place where you could interact with other players easily without having your conversation interrupted by others. A place where you could air your views, opinions and general news.

Today I tried to access the Think Bingo forum only to find it no longer available! Apparently it was closed as of 20th June 2012. I would say that I am shocked but to be honest, I’ve expected this for quite sometime. It used to be that the forum was alive with players posting but for a while now the interaction has not been what it once was.

It’s a sad day in the Think Bingo history to see the forum bite the dust; in its heyday it was the place to be if you were a fan of the site. I popped into chat to ask about the forum closure only to be told, “Yes, it has closed but we have a Facebook page”. It would appear that social networking is the way forward and this is reiterated by a response posted to a comment on Facebook by Think Bingo:

There were a few reasons for the forum closure .. but mainly because in 2005 when the forum was opened it was unique and was an integral part of Think Bingo’s community. Facebook and other forms of social networking were still relatively unknown and the forum was usually buzzing with activity. But now that times have changed and that a lot of people are now using social networking sites, we have decided to move with the times and open this new Facebook page.

Whilst I understand the move, social networking is the way forward, what Think Bingo has failed to consider is that the forum was accessible to site members only. A Facebook page really doesn’t have the same intimacy about it.

There have been many changes since Think Bingo since it first opened; the introduction of side games, free bingo and now the closure of the Think Bingo forum. However, at the moment it remains one of the originals from the Herotech days that has yet to be migrated to the Cashcade network. Having said that, my money is on it going that way in the not too distant future.

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