2010 Player’s Choice Awards

The evening of Friday the 29th January saw the 2nd Player’s Choice Awards, held during the 2010 London Affiliate Conference. I was able to attend last year’s event, but due to the pending birth of our 2nd child, I had to miss this event. But fear not, I sent along my colleague to follow the evening and report back on the awards.

By all accounts the evening was another gleaming success, well attended and well stocked. My colleague was going to take some photos of the awards, but on pulling his camera out he discovered it had died. Fear nor though, photos from the night can be seen over at It might take a while to load if you’re on a slow connection as they’ve made the rookie mistake of resizing full size images for thumbnails instead of doing proper ones, but we’ll forgive them as they are probably still recovering from what was by all accounts a grand evening. ;)

For my money these awards come closest to showing what the bingo player likes about the game and appreciate, and not what the industry itself thinks is the best. Without further ado – here’s the results.

Best Overall Online Bingo Operator – Foxy Bingo
Most Popular Online Bingo Website – Tombola
Best New Online Bingo Site – Cheeky Bingo
Best Online Bingo Game Innovation – Tombola Bingo Roulette
Fastest Growing Online Bingo Website – 888 Ladies
Best Online Bingo Promotion – Cheeky Bingo 24/7/ Free Bingo
Best Online Bingo Commercial – Wink Bingo Dog
Best Online Bingo Chat Team – Mecca Bingo
Most Online Bingo Prizes Won – Tombola

Congratulations to the winners, and on the whole there’s not much in these results that I could disagree with. I’ll be definitely looking forward to next year’s event, and hopefully able to attend it myself.

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