Bleeding Eck!

Hark at this article about a pensioner being booted out of her local bingo club because she was smoking a ‘pretend cigarette’!!!!!! Has the country gone well and truly mad; or is it just the bingo manager at this particular club. Apparently the pensioner was removed because it was ‘in the best interests of the club.’

Was there a threat of ‘pretend secondary smoke’, or were the other players envious that they hadn’t thought of doing the same thing and complained to the manager.

What next? Somebody is kicked out for wearing a nicorette patch? Someone tells off a vegetarian because they are eating a quorn sausage and ‘cheating the system’ Bleeding nora!!!!!!!

ADDITIONAL: trust me for not checking out this sites home page first as i have now found out that this topic has already been mentioned. After reading what has been said about the situation it seems that it is another case of the media ‘bending’ the truth. Although I still cannot see the difference between someone ‘smoking’ an electronic cigarette to having a nicorette patch or gum or otherwise. The whole thing about the smoking ban was not about the individual, but more about the secondary smoke that impacts on the surrounding area, especially in public places. These new forms of nicotine consumption do not affect anybody but the person involved: If they want to contaminate there own bodies then it is there choice. maybe these new E-cigarettes can be marketed so it is obvious that the customer is inhaling a ‘fake’ cigarette…..make them blue, put logo’s on them…..I don’t know!!!!! As the article stated, most smokers prefer the more natural method of fulfilling there habit anyway and will wait until a suitable time to satisfy there needs.

This example however shows that slowly but surely the act of smoking is fast becoming a negative trait in public behaviour…………….whether it be a real or fake sneaky drag!!!!!!!

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