He’s Back – Foxy Bingo’s £10million Marketing Spree

I’ve spotted a lot of talk on a number of bingo blogs about a teaser advert featuring a spinning mirrorball flying to earth, with the sting “He’s Back” and “£1 Million Must Be Won”. There was a lot of speculation around who the ‘he’ could be on a number of sites, and you could enter your guess at www.hesback2009.com for the chance to win £1,000 in the prize draw. Well, all guessing can stop now, the he in question is none other than the famous Foxy Bingo mascot, Foxy.

The advert marks the start of a major marketing push from Foxy Bingo, who pretty much set the standard with their trailblazing TV promotions the last couple of years. I’m guessing they’re currently feeling the pinch from the growth in rival operators who are also using the TV channel to promote their sites, so they’re fighting back with this strong campaign that has managed to generate a lot of great buzz both off and online.

Interestingly though, the adverts and the prize give-away is only half of the story. Alongside this big marketing campaign Foxy are also launch their own interactive show, available on the red button on Sky, featuring Rowland Rivron and Foxy himself. Should be worth a look, but unfortunately it sounds like the new advert will be as much of a chick flick as the last lot. I wonder if the show will be any different. I wonder if any one else will try to follow Foxy in their marketing footsteps?

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