A Couple Of Good News Bingo Stories

It’s always good to see positive stories about the game of Bingo, and the last couple of days there’s been a couple of nice features around the online press worthy of mention. First up, my favourite UK online bingo provider Tombola continue to lead the marketplace and grow. In fact it’s growing so much that the Northern Echo reports on how it’s bucking the recession fed trends and actually taking on new staff. The Sunderland based company has recently taken on 30 new members of staff, and will be soon taking on another 30.

Interestingly Tombola praises the quality of its chat moderators as one of the reasons for its success. I wonder if any clubs closing in the vicinity might supply some more high quality staff for that side of it’s operations? I wonder how well a retail worker might thrive in that role? Yes a bit off topic I know, but it just struck me as a potentially rich vein for Tombola to exploit. Diversion aside, it’s good to see the company come off the better following their split with The Sun.

It’s also good to see Gala Bingo taking proactive steps in supplying the smokers with ways to play the game on their fag breaks. The Staffordshire Sentinel reports from the Fenton Gala Bingo, showcasing the outdoor gaming area the club has built in its efforts to fight back against the problems the smoking ban has caused. I hope a lot more clubs can get this sort of set-up, it can only help to bring the smokers back to the game, and more importantly, get them spending as well as smoking!

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