Seasonal Stories Round Up

Well, I’ve been caught up in all the fun and games the season has to offer, and let a few stories slip. Rather than go into depth, here’s a quick round up and links to further information on a few stories that caught my eye over the last couple of weeks.

First up, another case of holiday makers getting into trouble playing Bingo in a bar in Turkey. Six UK holiday makers were arrested in a raid on the Pyramid Bar in the resort of Altinkum, where they were enjoying a game of charity Bingo to raise funds for ex-pat Ruby Myerscough who is suffering from cancer. The 6 were fined and later released. I said in the past, it’s always worth checking out the local rules if you in a foreign location, especially one that’s quite conservative in nature. The last time it happened the story was all over the press, but it seems people at the Pyramid must have missed it last year.

In other news, Gala Coral have taken the unusual step of launching a separate online Bingo site on the Virtue Fusion network. Minxy Bingo (a take on Foxy maybe?) appeared earlier this month, and according to the new site Bingo News, they think it may be an attempt to compare their own in-house platform against a networked platform. You’d think they’d learnt their lesson following their partnership with St Minver a few years back, but been as it’s good enough for arch rivals Mecca, then maybe they considering a change themselves. The site’s launch hasn’y gone smoothly though. Online Bingo Net has given the site short shrift for what it calls its false advertising, giving the impression you get a £20 no deposit bonus when in fact it’s a deposit bonus.

Finally, there was a story about a reprieve for the Lucky Numbers Bingo Hall in Skipton Road, Harrogate. The building was initially set for demolition, but now the hall will return in a smaller format, alongside a smaller development than originally planned. It’s always good to hear of a smaller hall surviving, even if it is in a smaller capacity.

If I don’t catch you all before the New Year, then can I just wish you all a Happy 2009. Hopefully it will be the year that retail Bingo finally turns itself around and starts heading back to its glory days. Whether that’s the case or not, I’ll be here throwing my tuppence in whenever I get the opportunity! Happy New Year!

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