Small improvements for Mecca Bingo

Following on from Gala’s recent news of slight improvements in its Bingo business, there’s more cautiously good news from their biggest rival, Mecca Bingo. The Times reports that trading has been up slightly for Mecca, who’ve seen a rise in their like-for-like sales of 1%. It appears that maybe the bottom of the barrel has been reached, and we’re seeing the recovery in the retail Bingo industry that I’ve been hoping for.

If like Gala, the recession could be a helping factor for Rank’s Bingo arm, then hopefully these figures will see future improvements. There are other echoes with Gala’s recent news, and that a dip in business in its retail casino trade. Online remains the strongest sector of the business as well, and Mecca is continuing to excel in that area with its strong brand and market share. I don’t think anyone is under any illusions that the next year is going to be anything but tough, but with the added spectre of a potential take over at Rank, there’s still a lot to look out for in the new year.

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