New Gamesys Platform For Sun Bingo

Following my last post about the Jackpot Joy being the new platform for Sun Bingo, more information has emerged ahead of the relaunch later this month. I was concerned that as it stands, Jackpot Joy’s Bingo platform would be inadequate in providing the same sort of quality of experience as the existing Tombola powered platform. Some more detail on this new platform has emerged, and it seems that Gamesys, the people behind the Jackpot Joy software have been working on something new for this partnership.

I spotted a press release this week the addresses a number of the concerns that I had in my last post about the new partner. It seems The Sun has been trying to keep things pretty similar to how things are with Tombola. The same basic games and pricing structure should carry over into the new software for one thing. This is good news, but there is still a fair bit of scope for them to bring in the more Jackpot Joy sort of games to the service.

Below is the press release.

News Group Newspapers (owners of The Sun and News of the World) are delighted to announce that they are re-launching their Sun Bingo and News of the World Bingo products with online gaming company Gamesys.

Sun Bingo and NotW Bingo will leave their existing supplier (Tombola) on the 26th August 2008 and will be immediately available on the same day through the new bespoke bingo platform built and powered by Gamesys.

Gamesys are the company behind the hugely successful Jackpot Joy brand, and whilst they continue to operate JPJ, the new Sun Bingo and NotW Bingo sites are not the same product.

Barry Sage, Head of Gambling at News Group Digital commented, “We’re excited to be re-launching our Sun Bingo and NotW Bingo products with such an established online gaming partner in Gamesys”.

“Working with Gamesys will give us complete control over our bingo product. We will continue to improve and develop the product with our bingo players in mind”.

“We think it is important to point out that we are not running Sun Bingo or NotW Bingo on the Jackpot Joy software. Gamesys have built a bespoke bingo platform that considers the needs of our players. They will be able to enjoy all their current favourite bingo games ? Bingo 90, Bingo 80 and Bingo 75 and we also have some fantastic new games that will be exclusive to our players”.

“We’d also like to reassure our bingo players that we will be keeping the price of our bingo cards at the same level as the existing site. We take great pride in offering value for money where our players can enjoy their bingo for greater lengths of time”.

“The Sun Bingo and NotW Bingo products are renowned as the number one place for bingo players to enjoy their game. Our players have a fantastic community spirit and we are 100% committed to providing a better experience for our regular players in the future”.

Sun Bingo and NotW Bingo will be going live on 26th August 2008

This is really intriguing to me, I for one will be logging in to the new service on the 26th to see how well it stands up to these promises. I’m still concerned that one of the motives for this move is the money hungry slots aspect of the offering, but if there is the same strong chat and value aspects, then that at least is something.

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