Problems For Deluxe Clubs

As one of the smaller chains in the UK, it’s not very often I see news about Stylus Sports Bingo arm, Deluxe Clubs. However, today there’s two separate stories on the wires, and unfortunately, neither of them are positive. Both highlight the continuing problems in the industry in the retail environment.

First up is news of the closure of the Southend Deluxe Club on the 24th of July, which according to the local Echo happened with no consultation or warnings for the staff at the club. According to the report the club was padlocked and closed by bailiffs, which points to all sorts of financial issues around its closure. The staff of the club are not very happy about their treatment, and have harsh words to say about the company. One is quotes as saying, ?We didn?t know it was going to happen at all. It is not the workers? fault or the managers ? it is the company.”

The treatment of the staff at this club seems in stark contrast to closures at places like Mecca and Gala where staff in some instances had the opportunity to work at other clubs, and got a lot of fair warning of the closures. I think the staff at the Southend Deluxe have every right to be so cross, and I hope they are all able to find new work very quickly, especially as they haven’t had the chance to at least look with the lack of warning they got.

The other story comes from the Hucknall Dispatch, about the cancellation of the planned revamp of the Byron Bingo Club run by Deluxe. The £1 million revamp of the club would have seen the premises expanded to take over the adjoining cinema it shares the building with. The report says the plans were too ambitious, especially given the current climate around the game in the retail environment. If there is a silver lining to this story, at least there’s no mention of the club closing, like the Southend club.

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