Adult Gaming Centres?

The Suncoast in Vegas…..they run hour on, hour off sessions of bingo.

Just been reading this article in the press about bingo clubs across the midlands applying for licences for ‘mini amusement arcades’ to be included on there premises. After reading it it brought me back to my time in the USA last year when I got to call at the Suncoast casino in Las Vegas.

One of the things that amazed me was that none of the bingo clubs in Vegas were ‘stand alone’ businesses: they were all part of a bigger ‘gaming’ environment. You could play your bingo for one hour then go to the slots area for a bit or play some blackjack or have a spin on the roulette wheel: you could even ignore all of the gaming fun on offer and go into one of the many restaurants and have a meal before your next session of bingo!!! Basically it gave the bingo player choice to do what they want. I’m a strong believer in that and I say that as long as the bingo is not impaired by these gaming extensions then go for it!

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