Online Bingo Awards, Demolition Halted And Armed Robbery

Just to catch up with some more of the interesting stories I’ve seen around this week, here’s a few headlines of note for further reading by interested parties. First up news that the eagerly anticipated (by me at least) Online Bingo Summit will be hosting its first Online Bingo Awards. The panel of experts will select what it sees in the industry as the best in a number of categories. It will certainly be interesting to see how the panel goes, and who wins.

The awards represent a first for online bingo. Prior to these awards there has only ever been ones given as part of a wider online gaming awards. It’s fair to say that these previous awards have left me scratching my head in the past. Maybe with the panel behind this one being so online bingo focused, the nominations and winners will be a lot closer to the private list I have in my head. Let’s wait and see how this one pans out, it should be worth a few words around this part of the web.

Elsewhere, there were a couple of small stories worth noting. First up, the now closed Lucky Numbers Bingo hall in Harrogate was recently reported as being due for demolition. There had been plans to build flats on the site of the hall, however, this week the plans to demolish the hall have been reversed. The planning office involved cited the buildings historic significance as the reason why the plans were rejected. Whilst it’s unlikely the hall will ever see Bingo again, it’s good to know it will remain standing. Let’s hope they can find a use for it that as beneficial to the local community as Bingo was.

Finally there’s a story from Northern Ireland of an armed robbery at Bingo hall in Armagh on Friday. Fortunately there were no customers at the hall at the time of the robbery, but staff were threatened with a handgun / hammer. I’ve not seen a report of an armed robbery for a while now, so let’s hope this isn’t the start of a new wave. Luckily, no staff were hurt in incident.

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