Gala Bingo Pull Out Of The National Game

Brett was on the ball with this story, he published news on Gala’s decision to pull out of the National Game earlier today. This has come out of the blue for me, it’s a pretty staggering decision. Gala’s reasoning is that they will enhance their High 5 game and use that as the big money replacement for the National at Gala clubs. They say this will improve on value for money for its customers.

This has raised a whole lot of questions that frankly only time will answer. Here’s just a few buzzing around my head:

  • With its own Mecca Millionaire games, would Mecca Bingo follow suite?
  • How can the High 5 compare with the National Prize money played for nightly?
  • How will Gala players feel with a reduced nightly pot now when the National goes?
  • What about the Bingo Caller Of The Year competition now that a third of callers are no longer eligible?
  • Can the National Bingo Game survive the loss of a third of its prize pot?
  • Was the National Bingo Game’s decision to change the National game’s make-up last year and again this year both bad ideas?
  • How will smaller clubs and chains who play the National cope if the Game was abandoned?

And I’m sure there will be many more to follow as this draws out. According to Gala the last Platinum jackpot they play will be on the 31st of August, so from September the new look two page High 5 will be in evidence. Personally, I can see the logic behind the move, as to if it’s a good idea, I’m not so sure. The buzz of the National Game has always been one of the high points of a night out at Bingo. Doing the maths, there’s no way Gala on its own can compete with the National prize money IMO. Let’s hope Gala’s customers don’t feel the same way and rue the loss of this popular game.

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