Bingo Budget Blues!

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What is going on with this double taxation malarkey? It seems pretty obvious to me: Every other gaming establishment has only got one form of tax to pay, so why is this not the case with the bingo industry?

Once again the government are prioritising filling there coffers with our money before looking at the long term consequence’s! How many more clubs have to close before this oversight is finally addressed…….10 clubs……….30 clubs?

And you can’t really call it an ‘oversight’ as the treasury already acknowledge that bingo is the only gambling product to be double taxed in this way!!!!!

It reeks of greed…….maybe the government want another 100 bingo clubs to close…..they could then fill the vacant halls with ‘state of the art Casino’s’ that prioritise departing you with your cash more than being a social outlet!

I could say more but I’m beginning to sound like a Daily Mail reader (which i am…funnily enough!)

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