Summer Rain Clouds Have Bingo Silver Lining

With all the doom and gloom forecast ahead of the Smoking Ban, it’s good to see the game surviving and thriving. There seems to be lot in the press about the growth of the game recently. It’s too early to see the impact that the much heralded 2005 Gambling Act will bring to the game’s popularity. I’ve already mentioned the big money games being lined up thanks to improved jackpot rules, but the act will also help raise awareness of the game with improved advertising opportunities for Bingo operators.

There’s news of a £3.8m advertising campaign for the National Bingo Game’s Big N Game which is due to launch on the 15th of September, and a whole load of online bingo sites are preparing to launch more TV advertising campaigns in coming months.

The Independent reports that Rank are seeing signs of recovery and growth in Scotland following the first year of the Smoking Ban there. They are seeing a dip in sales in England and Wales as well, but the bad weather over the Summer has helped to stop the losses being as big as had been expected. The company has seen a raise in its share prices of 9% as a result.

Keeping the online game in the eye, there’s been a couple of sites reporting the success of The Sun’s online bingo site. The Media Guardian covers the rise and rise of The Sun’s service in detail. I have to admit I’m yet to check out their site – with so many on the market it’s a tough job trying to keep up. I know the Sun Bingo site has been around for a while now – it used to be 75 ball only, but now offers the range of games. The report on The Sun’s site just emphasises the continued blossoming of the game to a whole new generation of players.

With all this going on, it’s wise to show some caution as well. The Times today features and article on the gaming industry’s fears that a new survey on gambling addiction could create a backlash against the industry in the press and political arena, following what has been some ‘mixed messages’ from the government. I bet The Daily Mail are rubbing their hands in anticipation of that one…

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