More Bingo Millionaires In The Pipeline

It seems like the Bingo world is going big money bonkers at the minute. We’ve just had the Kerchingo game from Gala Bingo, which created the UK’s first online bingo millionaire. There’s been an alternative multi site pooled million pound prize floating around before that, despite being what I feel is less than honest about its payout (£33,000 a year for 30 years is not a million in today’s money!) As of yet thought, there’s been nothing to match it in the Bingo clubs of the UK.

However, thanks to the relaxed prize rules of the 2005 Gambling Act which allows money from stakes to go into jackpot funds, that’s set to change. As we’ve already mentioned, the act comes in to play from September the first. Not long after on September the 15th, The Big N will be launched in clubs across the UK. The prize is set to start at £1m – initially funded by the National Bingo Game Association who’s new big money game it is.

According to reports at Channel 4 News, the new game will roll over until there’s a winner. Given such it’s such a big event for the game you’d think there would be further info on it at The National Bingo Game’s site, but in their usual style there’s currently just a big banner with no further info on the game or further details in the press section (come on NBGA web peeps – pull your finger out!) It would be interesting to know ticket prizes and if it’s being played separate to the daily games – prize schedules and that. I think the message is, check for details at your local club.

Not wanting to be left behind in all this – September the 1st sees Mecca launch its own million pound the game, The Mecca Millionaire. To win it you need to call house on number 1 – expect loud groans in clubs around the UK every time the number comes out and no one shouts. Anyone calling house in under 40 numbers will be up for a £40,000 bonus prize so it’s big money all the way. The game will be played twice daily around the UK and tickets will cost £2.

It will be interesting to see how the Big N and the Mecca Millionaire stacks up, and if it’s maybe a good enough prize to start attracting a whole new audience to the game with the lure of a life changing win. It will also be interesting to see how the clubs themselves use these new laws to make enticing in club progressive jackpots to match some of the big ones we’ve seen online recently. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these big money games in the near future – and if you’ve got a ticket for one – good luck!

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