Brett’s Corner – August 2007

Welcome to Brett’s Corner – a monthly column by the 2006 Bingo Caller Of The Year and GalaTV caller.

Behind The Scenes At Gala TV – The Kerchingo Game

What a life! Being stopped in the streets, mobbed by adoring fans, signing autographs left right and centre: that George Clooney is a lucky guy! Me, on the other hand since being on the UK’s first Bingo dedicated channel; Gala TV the only piece of glamour I’ve experienced was when I brushed past Noel Edmonds during one of my breaks!

Gala TV has been around for nearly a year and I have been involved in the show since the beginning. It’s an absolutely fantastic job, one that is very different to the work I do in the clubs but just as rewarding. It took a while to get used to it mind you. If any of you have watched a TV presenter and thought ‘that looks easy, I could do that’ then think again. Live TV is an intense and unpredictable experience and also it’s bloody hard work!

The first thing you’ve got to get used to is somebody talking to you via an earpiece-whilst you’re talking or calling numbers-telling you to look at the other camera, or that you have 30 seconds left, or saying to promote the next game. As a member of the male species I find it hard to concentrate on ONE thing let alone TWO!

The other thing is the energy you have to put across. You have to be smiling and perky all the time. In a Bingo club you can get away with having the odd bad day because once you start to call the numbers everyone’s attention is on their books; on television though you are in vision all the time so there is no space to yawn or burp without everyone finding out!

It can be a very tiring job, especially with the late hours (we finish at 1:30am some nights!) but it is a very enjoyable one, every day is different and the prizes on offer are sometimes HUGE! Take for example the Kerchingo game: 1 game, 1 winner £1 million… guaranteed on Gala TV! The biggest game of Bingo ever and I was there to see it!

It was an amazing night, we dedicated a whole hour to the game and had a studio audience and celebrity guests. Over 25,000 kerchingo tickets had been sent to the lucky qualifiers and the game was full of tension and suspense as people began to wait for fewer and fewer numbers to complete that million pound house. More drama ensued when two winners were confirmed and a play off for the million came into effect: after 47 more tense numbers one winner was found and Pauline Clarke from Bristol became Bingo’s first millionaire!

And that is why I love being a Bingo caller, we make people happy (and angry sometimes!) and there is nothing better than the buzz of giving someone a big win. And with HUGE jackpots like the Big ‘N’, Gala’s Hi5 game and Mecca’s £1million game it won’t be too long before the next Bingo millionaire is found!

Oh and just to clear up the Noel Edmonds thing: We film Gala TV at the same studios where they film ‘Deal or no Deal’ and I’ve brushed past him a couple of times! See you next month!

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