Brett’s Corner – April 2007

Welcome to Brett’s Corner – a monthly column by the 2006 Bingo Caller Of The Year and GalaTV caller.

Bingo Caller Of The Year 2007: The Search For My Successor Starts Now!

Bingo callers listen up! Do you want to be the next Bingo Caller Of The Year? Do you think that you could be an ambassador for the industry? Who wants my job?

The National Bingo Caller Of The Year competition for 2007 is now underway, with application forms being sent out to over 600 Bingo clubs across the land. Right about now in your club there should be one of these forms. Pick it up; have a look at it; and if you think you’ve got what it takes then ENTER! And if you would like some hints and tips on how to impress the judges (don’t forget, I’m one of them!) then read on:

Firstly, you need to make sure that your manager is aware of your intention to enter. This is important as because if you were to get through to the latter rounds then there is the possibility of media attention which may mean that you have to be absent from the club during the working day.

Personally, I am blessed with a great manager who understands the importance of me dashing off to a live radio interview at a moments notice, however if your manager is a little bit grumpy about it as it means that they have to call the session in your absence, then just remind them of a couple of things:

1. Every time you are interviewed the name of your company and club location is mentioned. (Free advertising for them)

2. If you were to win the National Caller Of The Year your manager would also receive £250 for just supporting you!

Hopefully by now your manager is begging for you to enter (and already imagining spending his cut of your success!) All you need to do now is to fill in the form. Most of it is pretty straightforward (name, age, how long have you been in the business, etc.) but there are two parts which stand out, the first of which is the photograph and the second is this question: “In 50 words or less, tell us why you think you should be Bingo Caller Of The Year!”

Now I’m not going to tell you what to say because this is the bit where the judges want to see your personality, but I will give you some tips.

Firstly the photo: this is important as it is the first thing that they will look at so make sure it is a flattering pose! It can be full-length or head-shot, you could have it in a work environment or it could be a picture of a hobby you do, or a holiday you went on. Just remember you want the judges to see the ‘best’ side of you. (That means no naked shots and not the picture of you in Thailand, sitting in a dentist chair being fed tequila through a funnel!)

Secondly: “In 50 words or less, tell us why you think you should be the Bingo Caller Of The Year?” how do you answer that one?! Well I would suggest this is the section to sell yourself. Don’t just say: “I’m an ok caller who the customers like”. There are no plus marks for modesty! Think of it as a job interview. You want to say something that the judges will think “wow, he really sounds like he loves his job.”

Just don’t be too outlandish and arrogant in your statements. Oh and don’t forget the 50 words or less part, you will get penalised if you only write 12 words or go over and write 57 words.

Once you complete the form, put it in an envelope (don’t forget the picture) and send it off. Now you just have to wait for the reply! Good luck!

Oh and P.S. if you were thinking “that seems easy, is that all I have to do to be the Caller Of The Year” then think again! The application form is just the first stage in your journey into becoming the Bingo Caller Of The Year. The next stage is the Video entry! Hint’s for that coming from yours truly very soon.

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