Thornton Heath Gala Bingo – London Road

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Martin Tapsell - Interior of the now closed Thornton Heath Gala Bingo - London Road

Date of closure: 2007

Address (for reference only):

Gala Bingo
London Road
Thornton Heath

Gala Bingo Thornton Heath was another smoking ban victim, and although bingo may one day make it back to Thornton Heath, if it does it won’t be at this address as the building has been demolished.

The venue was opened as a cinema in 1932 under the name ‘State Cinema’. A fairly sizeable theatre with seating for 1893, it also had five dressing rooms to facilitate variety performances. It became the Granada in 1948, which closed in 1972 (a bad year for cinemas), and became Granada Bingo, which eventually closed in 2007 (a bad year for bingo).

By Gareth Whieldon (September 2010).

Other Lost Halls In The Area

One thought on “Thornton Heath Gala Bingo – London Road

  1. I started my life at Thornton Heath as a change giver and then moved on to Main Stage Caller, ok the place was left to decay but it was the happiest time in my Bingo Career.

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