Risca Palace Bingo – Tredegar Street

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Exterior of the now closed Risca Palace Bingo - Tredegar Street

Date of closure: Circa 1985

Address (for reference only):

Independent Club
Tredegar Street
NP11 6BW

Originally opened as a cinema in 1912, the Risca Palace had a capacity of up to 1000 for films. It survived as a cinema up until 1965, but like many old cinemas of that time, falling attendances led to its closure. That was not the end though, as in the early 1970s it received a new lease of life as a bingo club. I believe it was an independent club during this tenure as a bingo venue, a from 1975 on this page has it displaying the name Palace Bingo, but there is no indication that it was run by any of the big chains of that period.

The Risca Palace provide bingo to the local community up until the mid-1980s, when it once again closed, though for what reasons we don’t know. The building remained closed and falling into disrepair for an more than 20 years. In 2009 over 300 people undertook a protest march to call for the building Palace to be preserved. The owners of the Palace then began an extensive regeneration of the hall, which was completed in 2011. The facade of the building received a fresh lick of paint, and the rest was extensively remodelled, and now holds Risca Library and the local council offices, as well as a convenience store, ensuring it will continue to serve the local community for the foreseeable future.

By David Lloyd (February 2018)

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