London – Mecca Bingo Walthamstow – Buxton Road

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Martin Tapsell (1997) - Exterior of the now closed London, Walthamstow Mecca Bingo - Buxton Road

Date of closure: TBC

Address (for reference only):

Mecca Bingo
Buxton Road
E17 7EJ

Walthamstow Mecca Bingo was located in the premises of the former Prince’s Pavilion. Opened in 1909, the original cinema closed in 1930, and was demolished.

The rebuilt Dominion Cinema was opened in 1930, having been designed by Frederick E. Bromige, who must have been one of the busiest cinema architects of his day, with a seating capacity of 1685. ABC took over in 1931, but the cinema closed in 1958, reopened, then closed again in 1961. Ownership of the bingo club was by both Jasmine, and Mecca. The building is still standing at time of writing, although its future is unsure.

By Gareth Whieldon (September 2010)

6 thoughts on “London – Mecca Bingo Walthamstow – Buxton Road

  1. My Mum Pat was Chief Cashier there during the 70’s. I virtually grew up in there. Sad to see it in such a state.

  2. I was lucky enough to become the general manager of the Dominion from 1967 to 1969. It was my first hall working for Mecca at the age of 27 and at that time I was the youngest manager of the company. The hall was magnificent and the decor was gold and red. I remember the two golden lions set into both sides of the auditorium which were lit by concealed lighting Mecca had retained the original feel of the old cinema and the atmosphere was magic. I remember that Pat Cash was my cashier and a nicer person I could not wish to meet. She was also my friend and helped me through my first appointment as a manager with advice and information. My staff were more like family and there was strong bond between all of us, in fact I met my late wife Joy Curle when she was working as a bookseller. I also remember Alma and Shirley, my assistant Jeff Taylor and my trainee Joe McGrath I also remember Fred who later became a manager and his lovely wife Sheila. I wish I could remember my other staff but my memory isn’t what is was, so I do apologise if I have not mentioned you, maybe you will get in touch. Wonderful days wonderful memories. (Mr Taylor provided his contact details, if you wish to get in touch with him please contact us and we will pass on your details).

  3. Hello Tony
    I am in the process of writing about my childhood and recall that my mum won the national prize one evening. I think it was 1967
    Can you recall how much it was in those days?
    I know it was thousands and she treated us all to a holiday. I believe a German actress presented her with a cheque.
    Kind regards
    David Stump

    1. Hi Tony, are you sure it was the National Prize, I don’t think that started till 1986. Could it have been some other big jackpot game?

  4. I worked at the Mecca Regional Office in Tottenham in the 80s and early 90s – we looked after 18 bingo halls in London and the South East, including Essex Road, the Carlton Rooms, Streatham Hill Theatre etc. I loved this job as there was always something happening and there were lots of big characters who were managers – Peter Donnelly – Streatham Hill Theatre, Gordon Warden – Tottenham Palace, Dave ? at Walthamstow, John Diamond at Essex Road who later was promoted and worked with us at the Regional Office. Many, many happy memories of this time. If anyone out there remembers me, Sandy, from Regional Office – I worked for John Bingham – get in touch I would love to swap stories.

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