London – Mecca Bingo Lewisham – Lewisham High Street

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Exterior of the now closed London Lewisham Mecca Bingo - Lewisham High Street

Date of closure: TBC

Address (for reference only):

Mecca Bingo
Lewisham High Street
SE13 6NQ

At the moment we do not have details of the events that led up to, or any of the circumstances surrounding the closure of the Mecca Bingo Lewisham. All we know is that the venue is now being used by Rileys Snooker Hall. If you have any details that may assist us, and you would like to share them with our readers, we would love to hear from you. If you let us know what you know, we will put the details online with your name credited (if you wish, or we can credit the article as anonymous). You will be doing a service to the bingo community and posterity by helping us record details of all Britain’s bingo clubs and halls. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “London – Mecca Bingo Lewisham – Lewisham High Street

  1. I used to be the relief main stage caller at Mecca Lewisham in 1989. I can still remember starting the link games and joining up Lewisham with Forrest Hill and Erith. They were great times. These days it is all about money. I was up there to call the numbers and give them a good time. Shame I can never find any photos of Mecca Lewisham.

  2. I used to be a main stage caller back in 1984/85. Lewisham had a refurb in 1985 and a couple of old TV Eastenders characters were there for the opening. I have the old VHS somewhere. They were great days. Good laughs! I feel sad when I drive past the old boarded up building nowadays.

  3. Way back in 1972/73 I worked at Mecca Lewisham as a steward, very well on my way to graduate as a caller. I was a student at SELTEC and worked part time. The good old days are still fresh in my mind. The staff coordination, being friendly and cheerful with everyone around!! We had prize Bingo follwed by Cash Bingo at that time. Everyone knew me as Milroy and to my good friend Phil, I was Mil! My colleagues at that time were – if I rightly remember – Phil, Mike, Peter, Linda Doble, Brenda, John, Jones (Manager), Mr Sudbury (Manager) Wally, Mr Moss (Manager), Ann and many many more! I wonder where they are now! How I wish I could communicate with them now. The club used to open at 1.30 p.m and would go up to around 11 p.m. (if I rightly remember). Shame on me I don’t have picture of the club or my colleagues.So sad to see the club has gone now! Well, nothing lasts in life!!!

  4. Norman Sudbury
    Yes I remember you, I now live in Toronto Canada.
    Thank you for remembering me.
    Have a wonderful New Year

  5. Construction work is actively going on at the moment and it looks as if the beautiful old building is being torn down. Supposedly a church group had bought the building, but that was reported back in 2014. I can’t find any up to date information.

    1. Such a shame, if you get a chance to snap a photo or two next time you pass, get in touch and we’ll add them to the page.

  6. I lived on Lewisham High Street in the fifties when the Mecca bingo hall was a snooker hall.The building always intrigued me as to what it’s original purpose was.

  7. I was main stage caller back in the 1976 went on to be a manager at mecca seven Kings Ron Williams was the manager then Joan skipper on book sales ,olive in the prize bingo shop some great guys sid siri as floor checkers good times.

  8. I would like to let you all know the building has been under the TAB London church for 11 years now I completed the refurb on the front building 6 years ago. I have now completed the rear and middle building for the past 2 years now moving back onto the front building to complete the structural integrity of this building.
    Thanks Site Manager Terry

    PS it was first build as a Temperance Hall.
    I love this building so much as I come from the area and to see it shine again is amazing it can never be taken down as it’s grade 2 listed. Thanks.
    Not sure how I send photos if someone can let me know this I will post some.

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