London – Mecca Bingo Hounslow – London Road

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Martin Tapsell (1987) - Exterior of the now closed London, Hounslow Mecca Bingo - London Road

Date of closure: 27th February 2007

Address (for reference only):

Mecca Bingo
London Road

Mecca Bingo’s Hounslow club had a good run of 45 years before closing in 2007. The club was located in the Dominion Cinema which closed down in 1961. With seating for over two thousand, it was a very big cinema that also catered for theatre. Opening in 1931, it was another example of architect Frederick E. Bromige’s Art Deco style theatres, which became the most popular design style for cinemas for at least a decade. The venue was fully equipped, with a cafe, dressing roms, and a Wurlitzer organ.

In 1937, the cinema was taken over by Odeon, at a time when many independent cinemas were being taken over either by Odeon, or ABC cinemas. The last film to be shown was “Snow White and the Three Clowns” starring Carol Heiss. Sadly, despite the popularity of the bingo club, it did fall prey to the economic problems of the mid 2000s, and it was eventually demolished.

By Gareth Whieldon (July 2010)

One thought on “London – Mecca Bingo Hounslow – London Road

  1. I joined Top Rank in 1977 as a trainee manager and my first position was at Top Rank, Hounslow. A Mr. Simon was the manager then and ran a very “tight ship”. Every afternoon and evening the club was busy. Tuesdays nights being the quietest. One Sunday afternoon we were selling the wrong tickets and had to get everyone back to booksales to exchange for the right ones. The queue went as far as the bus station. Happy days.

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