Liverpool Top Rank Casino Bingo

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Keith Rose (1990) - Exterior of the now closed Liverpool Top Rank Casino Bingo

Date of closure: TBC

Address (for reference only):

Top Rank Bingo
Address Unknown

At the moment we have scant details of the events that led up to the closure of the Top Rank Casino Bingo Liverpool (see comments below). If you have any details that may assist us, and you would like to share them with our readers, we would love to hear from you. If you let us know what you know, we will put the details online with your name credited (if you wish, or we can credit the article as anonymous). You will be doing a service to the bingo community and posterity by helping us record details of all Britain’s bingo clubs and halls. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Liverpool Top Rank Casino Bingo

  1. Business transferred to a newly built Bingo in Breck Road. A Mecca, this also closed after only a few years due to a mixture of being both a poor choice of site, with high running costs.

    1. No idea sorry, you’d need to contact someone at the Pension company. You just reminded me that I had a Top Rank Pension as well, but as I was only 18 at the time I think I cancelled it and had the £60 I’d paid in for a sesh…

  2. Rank transferred the Pension Scheme to Goldman Sachs, as reported in the Guardian in 2018, so try asking them as a first port of call.
    I hope that helps!

  3. 6 Prescot Road, Liverpool, L7 0LA was it’s address….

    Located on the corner of Prescot Road and Beech Street in the inner Liverpool district of Kensington. The Casino Cinema was opened on 4th August 1923 with “Lights of New York”. Seating was provided in stalls and circle levels. It was built for and operated by independent operators.

    In March 1928 it was taken over by the General Theatres Corporation, which was part of the Gaumont British Theatres chain. Alterations were carried out which included widening the proscenium to 60 feet and adding a new 20 feet deep stage and dressing rooms to cater for cine-variety programmes. In September 1929 it was equipped with a Western Electric(WE) sound system.

    The Casino Cinema was closed by the Rank Organisation on 30th December 1961 with Raymond Massey in “The Queen’s Guard” and “The Judas Goat”. It was converted into a Top Rank Bingo Club in early-1962, and operated as a bingo club until closure in 1997.

    The building was unused until it was demolished in 2001, and retail units with flats above has been built on the site.

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