Liverpool Mecca Bingo – Aigburth Road

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Keith Rose (1982) - Exterior of the now closed Liverpool Mecca Bingo - Aigburth Road

Date of closure: Circa 1984

Address (for reference only):

Mecca Bingo
Aigburth Road
L17 9PE

One of many Mecca Bingo Halls in the Liverpool area, the Aigburth Club closed in the early 1980s. Not only was this a loss for bingo players, but it was also a shame to lose another historic building to make way for a supermarket.

Previously a fairly large cinema, the ‘Mayfair’ seated 1750 people, and was opened in 1937, just as vaudeville was getting its final curtain call and the silver screen was taking over as the prominent mode of mass entertainment. The interior was quite spacious, and had two staircases, that sat either side of the paybox. Although one of the later opening cinemas, it did have a Compton organ.

The Mayfair survived as a cinema until 1973 when Mecca Bingo took over, the last film shown being “Bullet” starring Steve McQueen.

By Gareth Whieldon (August 2010)

2 thoughts on “Liverpool Mecca Bingo – Aigburth Road

  1. I took over this club as General Manager in 1976. The business at that time was extremely poor so the company asked me to take over the reins. I was previously General Manager of the Mecca Bingo Club in Birkenhead (Birkenhead Plaza).

    At the time of my appointment to the Mayfair, weekly admissions were averaging 1,600 per week, Mecca invested a huge amount of cash into The Mayfair so I was delighted that I moved the business on to over 4,500 admissions per week.

    During my time there we held a charity event at the club and our surprise guest was Bill Shankly the then Liverpool FC manager. The place literally went wild as their idol walked up to the microphone on stage to deliver a few words regarding the money that Mecca Bingo Clubs raised during the event.

    Happy days for me at The Mayfair and boy what craic I had with the scousers. I am Manchester lad but the Liverpudlians were by far the best customers I had ever come across. I have lived in Spain since 2004 but I will always remember my time at The Mafair. Two great years before moving on to take over The Mecca Club in Boscombe near Bournemouth.

  2. I moved here from the Mecca Flint in 1978. Before that I was at Plaza Birkenhead (since sadly demolished to make more room for the builder’s yard next door) and Mecca Wallasey (empty at the moment having been run by a private firm for years after Mecca sold it. It is famous though as one of the last places Stan Laurel worked at before going to the USA). My fondest memories were of the Mayfair where I was assistant manager and one of the few assistant managers not to be sent to Head Office in a taxi through incompetence. Mike Murphy the General Manager did not suffer fools. He was an incredible showman and I learned a lot from him.

    The night he was leaving customers were openly crying. He was followed by Albert (Big Al) Green. Al was not popular at first. It was not fair on him as Mike Murphy was a very difficult act to follow. Al was not as flamboyant but a nice person. Fed up with being compared to Mike he stood on the stage one night and said ‘I am not Mike Murphy. I can’t act and I can’t dance but I can sing!’ He then gave a rendition of ‘Little old Wine Drinker’ which received a lot of applause. He made his name in his own way, but Mike memory lived on and I am sure he is still remembered in Aigburth.

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