Hove Gala Bingo – Portland Road

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Exterior of the now closed Hove Gala Bingo - Portland Road

Date of closure: September 2003

Address (for reference only):

Gala Bingo
Portland Road

Gala Hove started off as the Granada Theatre which opened in 1933, the building having been designed by Frederick E. Bromige, and its interior by F.L. Filie. A fully equipped theatre, it had several dressing rooms, and a large stage, as well as facilities for showing films.

Its film capacity probably contributed to the takeover by ABC Cinemas in 1935, who successfully drew crowds until its closure in 1974 having undergone several refurbishments in the interim. From 1975 it played host to bingo, initially in the hands of Ladbrokes, and its final owners were Gala who closed the club in 2003. This closure preceded the smoking ban, and apparently Gala accepted an offer to buy the premises by a property developer.

By Gareth Whieldon (10th June 2010)


Work on the site of the old bingo hall has at last commenced. Despite planning permission for the conversion of the property in to flats and a doctor’s surgery being granted in 2010 no building work has been evident until now, apart form the initial demolition. It is sad to lose a grand old venue, but at least the land will now be put to use.

By Gareth Whieldon (10th October 2013)

3 thoughts on “Hove Gala Bingo – Portland Road

  1. I carried out the demolition of this building. Lots of evidence of its previous uses, Granada and abc cinema, many original areas of the building untouched. The balcony area was closed off, however all seating remained. I have many photos of these closed off areas and the progressive demolition.

    We did salvage the seating, which has been restored and I believe will be used in the doctor’s waiting room. Also other unique items I passed back to the clients, who will attempt to build into their designs to keep the memories of the old building alive.

  2. In 1987, after traveling though Europe for 3 months, I rented an apartment on Rutland Road from a Canadian friend and began working at the pub that was in the old Granada/Gala Bingo Hall. I was 18 at the time and trying to have as much fun as humanly possible. The staff there were great, friendly and hospitable, but I remember the old building most of all. Like some majestic Art Deco theatre of old, its history could be felt the moment one arrived through its opulent doors. There was a sense of history, of class and of timelessness within its dark yellow, cigarette smoke-stained walls. The elder clients would come in throughout the day for a full afternoon of pints, crisps and bingo excitement. They were always friendly and curious to know more about this young Canadian teenager who had come across “The Pond” to live amongst them. It was a time in my life when the world was a very big place and I shall never forget the kindness of those strangers in that ancient hall.

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