Grantham Granada Bingo – St. Peter’s Hill

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Martin Tapsell - Exterior of the now closed Grantham Granada Bingo - St. Peter's Hill

Date of closure: Circa 1988

Address (for reference only):

Independent Club
St Peter's Hill
NG31 6QF

Granada Bingo lasted for fifteen years before closing in 1987. It was originally a cinema which opened in 1937 during the second wave of cinema openings in the twentieth century. The exterior photograph below shows that the architecture was very conservative, and a nod towards modernism. Inside, the cinema which was opened as the ‘State Cinema’, did have ‘basic theatre decoration’, although it was not one of the more outstanding theatres.

Although from the photograph below the cinema appeared to be very small, this is deceptive, as the auditorium itself was set back behind the other buildings on the row, allowing for a seating capacity of 1400. It had a reasonably sized stage and two dressing rooms to accommodate occasional variety shows. There was also a restaurant attached to the cinema.

After a couple of takeovers, and refits, the cinema closed in 1972, and was taken over as a full time bingo venue. The building was demolished in 1988.

By Gareth Whieldon (September 2010)

One thought on “Grantham Granada Bingo – St. Peter’s Hill

  1. The hall was built and opened by Wembley Cinemas Ltd, London. Opening as the State Cinema on Monday 4th October 1937 with showing of `The Plainsman` until sold to Granada cinemas in February 1950, when it was renamed Grand. Last film on screen came on satuary 8th April 1972 with `Tales of Beatrix Potter’.

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