Glasgow Savoy Bingo – Main Street

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished

Date of closure: Circa 2005

Address (for reference only):

Independent Club
Main Street
G72 7EP

The Glasgow Savoy started life as the Savoy Cinema in 1929. With over sixteen hundred seats it was a medium sized venue in the city that was famed for being the ‘city of cinemas’. It had theatre facilities which included two dressing rooms, and was designed by John Fairweather, who had his hand in the design of a lot of halls of the day. A Neo-Classically styled building, columns and other features that were the stylistic rage before the onslaught of the Modernists.

The club closed as a cinema in the early sixties, and was reopened as a bingo hall called ‘Vogue’. Between that time and its closure is a bit of an enigma to us, although we do know that Brannigans were in the running to convert the hall into a pub. Hopefully the original features will remain intact for cinema and bingo posterity.

By Gareth Whieldon (July 2010)


Three years later it seems plans for the venue are still uncertain. The building has been under ownership of JD Wetherspoon since 2005, but it is only now that they have made public plans to refurbish the building. During the inaction of the past few years suggestions by the Cambuslang Community Council have been made for the reopening of the venue as a community cinema. Wether or not JD Wetherspoon will actually go ahead with the refurbishment after all this time is anyone’s guess, as planning permission runs out in November 2013. We will keep you posted!

By Gareth Whieldon (October 2013)

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