Eastbourne Deluxe Bingo – Pevensey Road

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photographs by: Martin Tapsell (1999) - Exterior of the Eastbourne Deluxe Bingo - Pevensey Road

Date of closure: May 2011

Address (for reference only):

Deluxe Bingo
Pevensey Road
BN21 3HJ

Deluxe Bingo closed due to financial problems in May 2011 (However, it has now re-opened as Leo Leisure Bingo). This was not a case of the ‘economic rationalisation’ that has seen many chains close clubs, as the parent company, Leisure Worldwide Deluxe Limited, has gone into administration. That said, the club itself was not trading well, and there were some ‘lease problems’ with the landlord as well. The finger of blame was also pointed at the competition from online bingo, and the smoking ban, as well as a particularly bad winter.

Prior to bingo, the club had originally opened as the Luxor Cinema in 1933. An independent, it had 1,725 seats and was set up for stage performances. Union Cinemas took over in 1935, followed by an ABC take over two years later. In 1972 the cinema (then named ABC), was closed while alterations were made to twin the building for dual cinemas. In 1986 Cannon took over, and during this time the stalls area became home to bingo, although the cinema side of the business closed in 1991.

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By Gareth Whieldon (April 2012)

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2 thoughts on “Eastbourne Deluxe Bingo – Pevensey Road

  1. I worked at Deluxe Bingo in 2005 and have very fond memories of this beautiful place. I remember my manager and I exploring a very top attic room which was the projectionist’s room when it was a cinema. Talk about going back in time; we found all the original equipment, plus a handwritten book listing all the films playing and their running times. We also explored the old basement nightclub (The Painted Wagon?) where it was like walking onto the Marie Celeste with all the original furniture, fixtures and fittings, and even the bar, still stocked with glasses. Most eerie!

  2. I worked in the Painted Wagon in 1978 and 1979, it was a popular pub with the youngsters, The Landlady was an Irish lady who, if I remember correctly was called Sam, she was more than capable of dealing with any trouble with just a stern look. There was a pub called the Terminus nearly opposite and the youngsters would go between the pubs to see who was about. It was inundated by foreign students in the summer.

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