Bexleyheath Astor Bingo – Mayplace Road West

This Club Is Closed Or Demolished
  • Photograph by: Martin Tapsell - Old Photo of Astor Bingo Bexleyheath

Date of closure: 1998

Address (for reference only):

Independent Club
Mayplace Road West

We are going to have to admit to a lack of 100% surety on the details concerning this club, with particular reference to its name. We do know that the bingo club was originally the Astor cinema before it changed to become an independent bingo club, and we are guessing that the name remained the same. We are doing this as an educated guess, because although the premises changed in the sixties, even then , ‘branding’ was an issue, so it may have remained the same. However, we do admit, that it may have changed name to promote a ‘new product’ and grab people’s attention, however, we are going with the former (for the moment, and until we know better).

Originally the premises opened as a public hall, and it was not until 1913 that it became a full blown cinema. With seating for 500, it was quite small, with a small stage and a very small proscenium. The building was destroyed by a fire in 1934 and the resulting rebuild made way for increased size in facilities, and seating capacity (786). Due to the rebuild period the style was art deco internally, and externally the building had cream faience tiles on the facade.

The cinema closed in 1967, and was converted into a bingo club which lasted until 1998, and remained empty until its demolition in 2003.

By Gareth Whieldon (September 2010)

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