Gloucester Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) – Peel Centre

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  • Exterior of the Gloucester Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) with the previous branding - Peel Centre

Address and Contact Details:

Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo)
Peel Centre

Telephone Number: 01452 311777

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Gloucester Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) is a modern purpose built bingo hall offering bingo players the opportunity to play bingo everyday, afternoon and evening, and it regularly runs promotions to give you better value for your money, including free bingo – give them a ring to see when you can grab a chance to play for free.

The club is located in the Docks area of Gloucester, it has a bar, diner, and slot machines if you fancy a little spin while you’re waiting for the game to start. There are disabled facilities and 500 car parking spaces. Please contact us if you can give us more information on this club’s background or history.

Opening Times:

The club opening hours are as follows. Please note these were correct at the time of publication, but are liable to change so please check with the club before you leave:

  • Monday: 10.00am – 1.00am
  • Tuesday: 10.00am – 1.00am
  • Wednesday: 10.00am – 1.00am
  • Thursday: 10.00am – 1.00am
  • Friday: 10.00am – 1.00am
  • Saturday: 10.00am – 1.00am
  • Sunday: 11.00am – 12.00am

Main Session Times

Listed below are the club’s main session times but are liable to change – confirm with the club first.

Morning Main Afternoon Main Evening Main
Mon 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Tues 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Wed 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Thu 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Fri 12.00pm 1.00pm 7.30pm
Sat 10.30am 1.30pm 7.30pm
Sun N/A 1.30pm 7.30pm

We were unable to find a shareable news feed for the Gloucester Buzz Bingo. If you’re from the club, feel free to contact us if you have news we can share here in the news tab. You can however take a look at the Buzz Bingo Chain’s Facebook Page for national updates.

3 thoughts on “Gloucester Buzz Bingo (Formerly Gala Bingo) – Peel Centre

  1. Very tasty food, excellent offers and good choice. Friendly greeting from staff on reception and toilets are clean. Caller nice and clear not too slow not too fast and great atmosphere. Well worth returning to the club.

  2. Very friendly, prices good, it would be nice to have a win as never won. I cannot go as much as I can as I have an illness that limits me. Looking forward to a game. I say bring it on, many thanks.

  3. Hi, re: Fri 17th, disgusting. If electronics are not working why were they sold…greed…husband walked out in disgust. Yet again people talking during play, stewards and management need to address this, not an enjoyable evening, again a farce!

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