Canvey Island Rio Bingo – Furtherwick Road

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  • Exterior of the Canvey Island Rio Bingo - Furtherwick Road

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Majestic Bingo
Furtherwick Road
Canvey Island

Telephone Number: 01268 683133

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Canvey Island Rio Bingo is a modern bingo club located in the centre of town. It has its own car park, so access is easy, as well as by public transport. It has disabled facilities, as well as refreshments and food on offer from the diner and licensed bar. The venue was originally opened in the thirties as a cinema and showed films up until its closure in 1976, and has operated bingo ever since. Although it was at one time the Canvey Social Club, it has been Rio Bingo for several years now. Still named Rio, it is now under ownership of the Majestic Bingo chain.

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Opening Times:

The club opening hours are as follows. Please note these were correct at the time of publication, but are liable to change so please check with the club before you leave:

  • Monday: 10.30am – 11.00pm
  • Tuesday: 10.30am – 11.00pm
  • Wednesday: 10.30am – 11.00pm
  • Thursday: 10.30am – 11.00pm
  • Friday: 10.30am – 11.00pm
  • Saturday: 10.30am – 11.00pm
  • Sunday: 4.00pm – 11.00pm

Main Session Times

Listed below are the club’s main session times but are liable to change – confirm with the club first.

Morning Main Afternoon Main Evening Main
Mon N/A 1.25pm 7.30pm
Tues N/A 1.25pm 7.30pm
Wed N/A 1.25pm 7.30pm
Thu N/A 1.25pm 7.30pm
Fri N/A 1.25pm 7.30pm
Sat N/A 1.25pm 7.30pm
Sun N/A N/A 7.30pm

5 thoughts on “Canvey Island Rio Bingo – Furtherwick Road

  1. I am completely biased and Rio Bingo is part of our group. I respond to the comments about the E-Cig, I just want to state that the problem is not in the product itself. It is the similarity of the product to a real cigarette. If I came to bingo sipping water from a vodka bottle, I dare say that customers and colleagues would take issue with it and assume that I am drinking on the premises whilst in control of the club. I could announce every session that it is merely water and only appears to look like vodka, so surly the answer would be, well don’t make it look like your drinking vodka.

    The E-Cig is very provocative and upsets people when they believe the law is being blatantly violated. The lady was pretending to smoke a cigarette which I will be the first to say is not illegal, but it appears to be and makes it difficult to manage. E-cig manufacturers are intent on using this publicity to promote these products which are not actually proven to work, not backed or endorsed by the world health organisation.

  2. This decision by the manager was absolutely bang out of order. This good lady was doing nothing illegal and should not have been asked to remove herself with the “offending” article. E-cigs are not lit substances, they are simply a cigarette/nicotine substitute for smokers that find it very difficult to socialise without smoking. Had it been me I can assure you that I would not have moved nor would I have put an electronic cigarette ‘out’. Had I been forcibly removed because of an inoffensive electrical item then you can be assured that assault charges and legal proceedings would ensue. I am a non smoker but having seen the way this government and so called ‘jobsworths’ treat smokers, I have every sympathy for them. It is no wonder this country is on its knees.

  3. I go to Rio bingo in Canvey once a week and enjoy it very much. The staff are lovely, friendly and efficient. The atmosphere is great. Smaller prizes than the larger Mecca but then a lot more chance of winning. It would be better still if they sold hot food. But I do enjoy my weekly visit. Keep it up. x

  4. A great little club. The new manager and manageress have really done wonders and the staff are brilliant. We like the old fashioned approach with no electronic boards but just the good old dabber. Keep up the good work and we will stay clear of the unapproachable BIGGIES.

  5. The manager of this club was totally wrong to ask the pensioner using an e-cig to go outside. Just because it looks like a cigarette it is perfectly legal to use indoors. This is just discrimination and should be stopped before you lose all your customers.

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